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Tick Tock, it's not a clock!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

How to use the Finis tempo trainer pro

It all depends on the "purpose of use" which the athlete or the athlete's coach will determine.

A Finis tempo trainer pro can be used in three "MODES".

Mode One has a "least count" of one hundredth of a sec!
So you can set it from 00.01 sec (shown as 00:01 on the TT pro) to 99.99sec.
It will beep precisely at the interval you set it at. Will do so for the other two modes too.

Mode Two has a least count of 1 second. Can set it anywhere between 1 sec to 9 min 59sec

Mode Three is beats per minute. Can be set from 10 beats per minute right upto 300 beats per minute.

Generally the Mode One is extensively in for swimming at a precise pace.
For e.g. in threshold or endurance workouts, where one matches the start and end of the laps precisely to the "beep" from the tempo trainer. This is useful when the coach wants an athlete to swim at a precise pace for particular sets. Usually set to beep at the desired time to complete one length at that pace, but can also be sometimes used to beep more often (for e.g. in a 50m pool setting, the coach / athlete may still want it to beep at an interval suitable for 25m, for better pace awareness).

The Mode Three is also often used when SR sets are incorporated in the workouts.
Tempo trainer beeps at a pre-determined rate, which is set in number of beeps per minute in mode three.

Mode Two has least count of one second, hence not extensively used by some coaches. But it has a notification of "triple beeps" so may be very useful in some cases where precision of one hundredth of a second are not required, but more "pronounced intimation" (three in lieu of one beep) is required.


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