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PAYMENTS in full will be required for all events and will be collected online only. No payment at the venue will be accepted.

CANCELLATIONS must be made by 9 pm, a day PRIOR to the scheduled event or prior to the prescribed time frame of a special event. However, this does not include those events that require a non-refundable deposit amount for special events. See the Cancellation Policy that is specific to each individual “special event”.

REFUNDS (FULL) will be initiated after deducting processing fees when an event cancellation has been within the prescribed time frame of the event. No refund once the registration window closes.

“NO SHOWS” will be charged 50% of the registered amount and processing fee for any event not attended without a cancellation notice within the prescribed time frame of an event. A “no show” is defined as a moment when a participant has registered for an “event” and does not show up for that event. 

"SWIM DENIED" by organizers in case participant/s come to the venue without a tow float. In such cases, the participant will be refunded 50% of the registered amount after deducting the processing fee

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